Parking infos

To park your car on public places and streets in Bolzano is only possible with a special authorisation (a green card which you can put behind the windshield), which is available in our hotel. For this authorisation we need to keep your passport or € 50,00 in deposit.

It is possible to park in the pedestrian zone with the authorization from Monday to Saturday from 7:15 pm to 8:00 am and after that non-stop from Saturday 1:00 pm to Monday 8:00 am (except when there is an event in the old-town. In that case the municipality puts up extra signs.)

To park your car in the garage at Waltherplatz (the garage N° 3)
We have an agreement with the garage at Waltherplatz so that we're able to offer so called abo-tickets (1-7 days) for only €16,00 per 24 hours.

There are three points to consider when you use our parking tickets:

  • If you enter the garage with our abo-ticket, you only use this one until it expires;
  • If you already have your car parked in the garage and want to leave with an abo-ticket, you go directly to the exit gates and there first feed the machine with the ticket which you took when you entered the garage and right afterwards you feed in the abo-ticket. If you then return, you always use the abo-ticket for every further parking;
  • If the time on your abo-ticket expires, you should pay for the difference at the automatic cashier. There you first feed in your entrance ticket and right afterwards the abo-ticket. The difference will be calculated by the automat. Then you once again feed in the abo-ticket and pay for the difference.